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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 12, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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including confusion between counties with the same name. the practice is currently suspended. >> rain, rain is not going away. look at that gray sky all above the bay area. it is gray here. in our backyard, the gorgeous oakland estuary getting all of the rain. i have been living in a drought for so long as we all have been for the past five years, i save the water in the salad spinner and take it outside and pour it on the plants. have you loosened up or are you in drought mode. >> i am waiting for that ten- day stretch at least of sunny
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skies with no rain. >> right. >> i'm trying to look on the bright side of things. the flowers, the yard looks good. temporary relief for allergy surfer -- sufferers. >> yeah. >> it should be a way of life. >> but i have loosened up. i'm with allie on this. let's go. bring on the sunshine. >> no sunshine today. this past february we couldn't find a hint of sun, too much rain forced thousands from their homes in san jose. there is an effort underway helping a family hit particularly hard. christina is at the golden wheel mobile home park where work has been underway throughout the morning. >> reporter: it has, gasia. good morning to you guys. so much work has been put into this effort. it is amazing to see it come
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together. to talk about this effort, we're joined by bev jackson, the executive director of rebuilding together silicon valley. this is not the first home that you have helped. >> no. we're working on 40 homes in the mobile home park that was impacted by the floods. >> in conjunction with bank of america, the skirting of the home is being replaced by volunteers so that they -- they will have their home back to where it was preflood. >> reporter: what about any interior damage? was it all exterior. >> it's all the -- on the outside of the home and underneath the home. so those are the parts we're concentrating on today. >> we understand the stairs as well and beautification efforts. can you talk about the importance of helping these families. they had to apply. >> yeah. everybody deserves a safe and healthy home. for these families in the park,
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they want to have their house safe and healthy for them and be able to have housing for them and their family. and that's what we're here to help them with. >> reporter: you mentioned earlier that it is possible that you guys may lose funding. can you talk a little bit about that. >> sure. sure. like many nonprofit organizations, we provide community development programs. it is proposed that that funding will be eliminated in the next year. that would be a really critical blow to our organization and many nonprofits that depend on this funding. annually we help close to 400 families in our valley every year. so this funding is critical so that people have heat, electricity. >> reporter: all right. we hope that someone steps up and helps you out. we don't want to see you close. this work will be going on until 1:00 this afternoon. you can see them there. they will be skirting the entire bottom of the mobile home inside of the mobile home park. we will be watching them as they do this work. i spoke with the homeowners
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earlier today. they are excited. they said it was so disappointed when they had to be evacuated. they came home to find their house damaged. they're very thankful for all of the help they have been receiving today. >> has it been raining there? is it affecting the efforts there. >> it rained a little bit in the 7:00 hour. just a little bit of a drizzle and then the skies cleared up. things are looking good. hopefully it will stay drive throughout the morning. >> thank you, kristin. a 19-year-old man faces charges of reckless driving after he performed stunts while riding his dirt bike on city streets last weekend. this is video from the instagram account of the man. it shows him doing stunts. officers considered him the most reckless of the group. so they used an airplane like this one in the picture and shot video to use against him
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as evidence. >> the same mo. the dirt bikes, no plates, riding without helmets. there are multiple groups doing this. in this area it has almost become, if you will, a culture of dirt bikers. mini side shows. >> the chp is cracking down after several incidents in the past few weeks that includes an incident on the bay bridge a few weeks ago and riders also attacked a driver on 101 in san francisco. police can't say if he was involved in either of the incidents. united airline's stock continues to drop after the removal of a passenger in chicago. shares are down a quarter of 1%. united is in full-on damage control after the backlash of the release of the videos showing the passenger bloodied and being dragged off of the flight at chicago o'hare. this was on sunday. the passenger urged police to let him go home to louisville. protesters recently gathered at
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o'hare demanding that united change its overbooking policies. congress now threatening to investigate the incident. >> i am considering legislation that would say no involuntary removals from airplanes. rplanes. >> in the meantime, united's ceo says he felt shame when he saw the video of a passenger being dragged off an airplane. he spoke to "good morning america" earlier this morning and said the airline will not put law enforcement on airplanes to remove seated passengers. munoz described it as a quote, system failure. the airline did not provide supervisors and managers with the proper procedures that would allow them to use their common sense. sfo is one of united's largest hubs. the supervisor is asking the city attorney's office to draft legislation preventing san francisco police from removing passengers on planes on behalf of any airline that overbooks seats.
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a spokesperson refused to comment on the legislation but says officers called out an airplane usually interview everyone involved and try to mediate a resolution. new jersey governor's chris christie is asking to suspend the regulation that allows airlines to overbook. it is a practice done by almost every airline to prevent empty seats which is lost money. if airlines are not allowed to overbook, ticket prices would likely go up. we turn to you with the question of the day and ask, do you think that airlines should be allowed to overbook their flights? yes or no? let's look at the poll results. 87% of you say no should not be allowed. far fewer, just 13% say yes. one viewer writes us and says no. if i was aware, i would use another air carrier. >> to ask if it is a request and forcibly remove somebody is wrong. if they overbook with the consequences, don't force people off. >> yes, depending on the
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flight, day, time and route, about 5 to 15% of people don't show up for the flight. >> i'm scared how much prices would go up. i don't like seeing someone dragged off a plane. would i pay 20% more. >> could be. somebody is making money. >> yeah. they do the equations and the math ahead of time before they raise prices. how much transparency is there when they raise the prices? >> well, i know you know how you feel about this question. we appreciate hearing from you and writing to us and using tvuthe9. >> big news overseas happening right now. high level talks between the united states and russia. secretary of state rex tillerson met with his russian counter part in moscow earlier today. in the talks they accused the u.s. carrying out an attack against assad. tillerson right now meeting with the russian president putin in hopes of convincing
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him to drop his support for syrian leader bashar al-assad following last week's chemical attack. however russian officials say they are trying to underquote real intentions of -- define the real intentions of the trump administration. president trump has called assad an animal. >> we have these massive barrels with dynamite and drop them in the middle of a group of people. in all fairness, you see the same kids with no arms, no legs, no face. this is an animal. >> president trump is also criticizing his predecessor. he says that president obama should have taken a tougher line on assad. today the trump administration is scheduled to lift the hiring freeze that it imposed on the federal workforce. however the administration is still telling federal agencies to submit plans for personnel cuts and other restructuring moves for the days and months ahead. the goal is to stay in line with the blueprint released by
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president trump last month. meanwhile sean spicer is apologizing for his comments about the holocaust. many viewed them as insensitive. they were made during a press briefing yesterday. some people are calling for his resignation. jackie ibanez has more from new york. >> someone as despicable as hitler didn't sink to using chemical weapons. >> reporter: sean spicer is facing backlash for claiming hitler never used chemical weapons against his own people, ignoring the use of gas chambers to kill jews. he tried to comment on the chemical attack ordered by bashar al-assad against his own people. journalists quickly jumped on the comment. >> i'm saying the way that assad used them, went into towns and drops them into innocent -- in the middle of towns. the use of it -- i appreciate the clarification. that was not the intent. >> reporter: several democrats in the anne frank center are calling for his resignation.
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he tried to apologize in an interview. >> frankly i used mistakenly used an inappropriate and insensitive reference to the holocaust for which there is no comparison. that's not what i was intending to do. especially during this week i regret using that term. i apologize. >> reporter: some analysts say the media was too quick to jump on the. >> it was a dumb commen . >> hitler references are a very bad day in pretty much every circumstance. it is good he apologized without any caveat. >> reporter: james mattis made a brief mention of the comments saying chemical weapons were not used on the battlefield during world war ii. jackie ibanez, fox news. >> bill o'reilly is taking a vacation during the middle of
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the sexual harassment scandal. dozens of companies have pulled commercials from his show. he says the vacation was planned before the "new york times" error was published. 21st century fox launched an internal investigation into the sexual harassment complaints. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, it may be good for economy but not good for traffic. hundreds of oakland public school students may have to find another way to get to school. the dispute between the district and ac transit and the new information that we just learned about how the district is trying to resolve the problem. a projector. a camera that actually zooms. get excited world. the moto z with moto mods. save at least 20% on select moto mods when you buy any moto z droid.
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>> the time is 9:14. we are watching a slide in stocks. the dow still in negative territory as it has been the entire day. at this point losing 63 points.
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s&p and nasdaq also down by one half of one percent. parents teachers and students of oakland public schools are protesting against proposed budget cuts. the protest is scheduled for 4:30. at 6:00, they plan to go to the school board meeting to speak out against what they call the oakland unified school district's administrative mismanagement of funds. the school district says it has to cut $10 million from its budget just to pay bills through june. it has proposed cuts to special education, early childhood and nutrition programs. the oakland school district's budget problems could affect how 1,000 students get to class. the district says it can no longer pay ac transit for the bus service to transport students and they have threatened to cut off bus service to three schools in the oakland hills because of the dispute. leigh martinez is at one of the schools. have you heard from parents and students on the issue. >> reporter: yes. we also heard from the school
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district a couple of minutes ago. the spokesperson says that the district is still trying to negotiate a new contract with ac transit. right now they're just seeing the numbers differently is what he tells me. if this move goes through, unfortunately this is going to leave quite a few kids that are going to have to either walk uphill to school or have their parents drive them to school. the schools impacted would likely be montero middle school, skyline high school and community day school. 682 students take the bus in the morning. and more than 900 students take the bus in the afternoon. now, the reason is financial. ac transit says the supplementary bus service costs $10 million a year for schools all across the east bay. and the three schools in the oakland school district account for just 3 million of that. parents hope the oakland school district can work out a new contract with the ac transit because they worry about their
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children walking on busy roads. >> people flying down the street, you know. crossing the street is dangerous for the kids. especially when you have the elementary school there. people need to slow down. especially in the rain. i think it would be a better way for kids. it can cause more traffic with the kids walking up. >> reporter: now, the oakland school district says it is still negotiating a contract with ac transit and even changed the bell schedule to accommodate ac transit bus schedules. the bus line 39 is an hourly fixed route to skyline high school. that is considered to be remaining in place. but that would be the only one. now, ac transit tonight does have their regularly scheduled board meeting and they will be talking about the possibility of having a series of public hearings on this. back to you guys. >> thank you. the story could affect 900 students and families. we will give you more background. back in 1997 the oakland unified school district and ac
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transit entered into the agreement. the state covered the $2.5 million price tag and students also paid bus fare. in january the district was forced to end the contract when the state pulled the funding leaving the district to pay on its own. and the spokesperson of the district says negotiations are now underway to satisfy both the district and ac transit. i think about all of the families. say mom and dad have to be at work at 7:00 in the morning. >> right. and a lot of the schools are not within walking distance. >> you need to come to an agreement. >> i agree. >> the construction boom in downtown san francisco has made getting around the city more time consuming for drivers. construction projects have slowed traffic as much as 9 miles per hour an hour on some downtown streets in the morning. the transportation agency says that the construction has doubled in recent year. we talked with a driver who says he sees a connection
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between increased construction and increased traffic congestion. >> there's just a lot of construction going on. so there's going to be a lot of backup, a lot of single lanes. yeah. it is a little bit congested. >> the san francisco chamber of commerce formed a downtown traffic congestion working group to try to better manage the problem by working with developers. while researchers tracking a mountain lion in sonoma county made a surprising discovery when they came across aiden with 10 day old cubs. researchers say the 10-year-old female mountain lion has been collared and tracked for the past six months but they did not know she was pregnant. they were able to take photos and videos of the tiny cubs leaving them untouched and undisturbed. >> sweet now but check back in two years. >> they are sweet as -- >> on video. >> on video. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9. a local high school band
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silenced. the heart breaking crime and what will happen next for students. with tax day approaching, many of us will be getting our refund checks in the mail. we will look at smart ways to spend the extra cash. maybe you're going to buy a's tickets. we have of the president the club in the studio and we will be talking about rips up the tarps on the third deck.
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breyers the good vanilla. it's simple. we're proud to use non-gmo sourced ingredients in some of america's favorite flavors. >> all right. on tuesday the 18th, well it is the tax deadline. some people are already getting the refunds back. >> what is the best way to spend the extra money. there is debate if it is extra money. >> among us. >> besides splurging on your wish list. >> we're happy to welcome back george a financial adviser for morgan stanley. >> is it free money. it is my money. >> you get a check in the mail. >> you feel like you made money. >> because you have wants that you want to take care of.
9:23 am
i want a new dress. >> talk to this guy. >> he wants a new car. >> electronic deposit. i already got it back. we put it back into the house. >> yes. we need to take a step back. don't do anything for 24 hours. check the box did you fill your needs. so need number one. do you have credit card debt. >> right. >> credit card dead is incredibly expensive. the federal reserve has raised rates once this year. they plan two more raises this year. and next year they plan four. credit card rates are going through the roof. we want to get that paid off. >> do you feel that your clients do just that, they take your advice and go off and do something else. >> we don't know what they do. but we coach them and tell them, look, take care of your basic needs first. we need to have an emergency fund. >> six months, right. six months of expenses. >> it could be three to six moss. it depends on your situation. the emergency fund is basically there if you need new tires,
9:24 am
you have a college tuition coming up, a house payment coming up. anything could happen at any time. you need handy cash. >> uh-huh. >> that could be fulfilling a need that you have. >> we have the bullet points on the screen. >> good. >> of all of the responsible things to do with the money, which one will give you the most bang for your buck. >> it depends where your greatest need is, the greatest liability. after you have checked the box on the key points, indulge yourself. then you can go out on vacation. >> to me it is money that comes out of the blue for me. >> no. >> i know it is my money originally. but we usually put it back into the house. >> it is actually your money. you overpaid your taxes. the government did not give you any interest on it. we're going to average about $2,800 in tax refunds. so that is stimulating when you go he to the mailbox. >> is that a family. >> yeah. >> on average. >> on average. >> it can be a lot of money. it really should be put to better use. take care of your needs first. >> right. >> then take care of the wants.
9:25 am
>> we just started implementing an allowance with our young children. we give them interest on whatever they save. >> you're really giving them financial education. >> my parents were great about that. when i was very little, when you had to go to the bank and they printed out on the booklet, i got $3 interest. that meant something to me. i'm a saver and i'm thankful i'm unexcite building it comes to saving money. >> this is a good lesson to teach kids when they're young so they won't end up like us later on in life. >> i wanted to ask you about united airlines. you don't have to speak specifically about it. when companies make news like that, does the market overreact? right now united is up. it was down earlier. now it is up. >> yeah. the market moves by anything outstanding, stimulating, different. >> up or down. >> all of us travel. we don't like our travel. when you see something like this in the news, it motivates
9:26 am
us. it will probably be a hit temporarily. >> generally speaking very reactive. >> yes. there's a lot of detail underneath that. hopefully things work out for the -- for the passenger and for the airline also. >> okay. >> thank you, george. you've got it. good advice as always. thanks for joining us. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9 the budweiser clydesdales have made their way to the bay area. where you could see them and why they really eat like a horse. it is expensive to eat like a horse. the a's president will join us in the studio. we will ask him about this year's team. the latest on a new stadium and why the seats up on the third deck are in high demand. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
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>> welcome back to the 9. we are talking about the video we saw from united airlines, a man being dragged off a plane when there were too many people on board. new jersey governor chris christie wants to ban airlines from overbooking flights. we made that the question of the day. do you think that airlines should be able to overbook flights? the vast majority say that airlines should not be allowed to overbook flights. sort of on a side note, lopez says dragging off a plane is not wright just to put employees on board. compensation should be $8,000 and a free ticket anywhere. >> dennis says yes as long as the airlines have a policy to handle the extra passengers that is consistent and passengers know their options. >> another one side note. never going to pay a penny to all of these companies. people don't have options. i'm never going to fly united again. >> 75% of the flights are
9:30 am
united and you're kind of stuck. i'll probably have to fly them. i mentioned going to denver and you're looking at flights. >> only two or three options. >> if you save $200, that -- >> yeah. the reality is there are fewer options. >> someone said -- let's say we're on the plane, too many of us. will you leave for $1,000? will you leave for $1,500. >> everybody has their price. >> right. if i spend $10,000 to get you out of your seat, that is better than the millions that united is working to recoup after lost faith by the customers and the public relations mess. >> have you ever taken up on that effort. >> you bet. heck yeah. >> i haven't been able to. usually when i have to get somewhere, you have to be there for a wedding. >> when i fly it is only recreational. i would give it up for $200. that's me. thank you so much for your responses. ktvuthe9 is the hashtag that we
9:31 am
appreciate you using. let's go to steve paulson. it has been a wet, gray day. more of that on the line. >> e-file. automatically get the refund. you don't have to wait for the check. >> it's line sunshine. >> sunshine. what is that? >> yeah. sunshine. >> we have a little bit of sunshine. south san jose, a few breaks in the clouds. there you go. you get breaks in the clouds. kind of a mild muggy pattern with a south/southeast breeze. it looks like the fog and drizzle is letting up a little bit. rain comes back tonight for the diamond backs and the giants. plan on it. the front arrives just about at game time. chloe loves clouds says a rainbow landed in the rivs a moment ago. that is the rivera in kelseyville. i knew that but thank you for clarifying. the rain year goes from july 1st to june 30th. it has been a rainy year in san
9:32 am
rafael. the water year has been a record year. 61.72 for the year. that breaks the old record in 1994-1995. an entire year average is 35.23. there is more rain to go here for the next week. a up l of systems, one tonight and then scattered showers tomorrow. another one late sunday and into monday. maybe tuesday. they're not heavy but they continue to rotate in here. the systems for april, lots of april showers will bring even more may flowers. cooler with showers on thursday. sunday evening the system comes in. we're still on track for that. not sunday morning for the egg- anting activities. a tenth of an inch to half an inch. sunday night, here it goes again. picks up monday and tuesday. look at the sierra. good snowfall up there and the northwest california. we're about three quarters to an inch and a half. a lot of low clouds and sun breaks. but it looks like the drizzle is letting up for a few.
9:33 am
the next system is inching closer and will be here tonight. look at the pocket of cold air to the left. 50s and 60s for a few. the active pattern shows no signs of letting down. look at that gyro dating in. that will be interesting tomorrow. cool, showery pattern on saturday. okay sunday morning. rain sunday night. >> it may look like another busy morning for drivers. >> they're all busy. >> get your sleep, allie. south bay drivers, speaking of commuting, are noticing crashes along one road in the lexington reservoir. locals have started calling it the wet spot. moody cub has a reputation for a lot of crashes. caltrans knows there are even more spinouts than usual there. it blames blocked culverts for sending the water on to the road. drivers have been chronicling
9:34 am
the crashes on a commuters facebook page. >> it is wet and cars have been flipped over. i don't know why caltrans can't do something to prevent the moisture from coming down the hillside. >> one of the things that we have had to face in recent weeks is we've had multiple locations that we've needed to respond to, whether it's mudslides or rock slides. >> caltrans is asking drivers to be patient because it hasn't come up with a way to fix the problem in the long-term. in the meantime they suggest that drivers slow down and obey the 50 miles per hour speed limit. music centers at a north bay high school are devastated after instruments were ripped off. >> we talked to the students in fairfield. they fear their instruments won't be replaced in time for the spring season. >> reporter: in the fall, they march in parades and football games. come spring, band members perform in concerts and competitions. but arriving at practice monday, a sour note.
9:35 am
>> everything started normal. and then we just looked up to the cages and my instrument wasn't there. >> reporter: it became a chorus. students discovering their interrupts missing -- their interrupting missing. >> we were let down because we started to realize what was happening. >> reporter: sometime between friday and monday, despite the presence of security cameras, dozens of instruments were taken out of the music room. >> maybe more. they're still investigating. it could be more. >> but you think at least 40. >> at least, yes. >> reporter: most belonged to the school. but her son lost his own saxophone. >> to find out that something that i worked hard for is missing in a blink of an eye is very upsetting. >> fairfield school pretty much struggles for fundraisers. everything is through fundraisers. now we're back to zero. >> reporter: parent boosters set up a donation fund but the district had it taken down because it is filing an insurance claim.
9:36 am
they will rent and borough instruments, hoping that the band won't miss a beat. >> while a number of instruments are gone, there are sufficient enough that even during class time today, there were still performance taking place. >> i always leave it in place the -- in the same place every day. >> reporter: day. >> being a senior, finding out we won't have a spring season is heart breaking. >> reporter: instruments are kept in wire lockers and a big cage in the room. police won't discuss if it was a break-in or crime of opportunity. >> it is disappointing that somebody took advantage of the students and they are paying the price for this. >> band for a lot of us is our passion. we love doing this. ♪[music] >> we have fallen in love with music. it's just sad that this would happen. >> reporter: the super band is award winning and active in the community. seen here performing at the local mall at christmas.
9:37 am
parents put the loss at about $90,000. but the district says it still is completing an inventory. in fairfield, deborah vealone, ktvu fox 2 news. let's go to the news room and say good morning to dave clark. >> thank you, gasia. here are some of the top stories we're following for you. an off duty san jose police officer lucky to be alive after crashing in a big rig overnight and only has minor injuries. the officer according to the chp rear-ended the big rig just after midnight near ruby hill drive. the big rig had stopped because of high construction. the off duty officer was driving his own car and was heading home at the time. now, the suv caught fire but nearby chp officers were able to put out the fire. no one else was hurt. highway 84 was closed for about an hour. well, classes are expected to resume next monday at the san bernardino elementary school where a teacher and a student were shot and killed on
9:38 am
monday. a candle light vigil was held last night at the school to remember the special ed teacher and 8-year-old student jonathan martinez. they were killed by the teacher's estranged husband who also shot two students before he killed himself. a parent who visited the memorial site offered condolences to the mother of jonathan martinez. >> going to bed, i couldn't help but think about the mom, how, you know, she had to go home and get in bed and she is never going to get her little boy back. and it is just really, really sad. >> a 9-year-old boy who was also shot is still in the hospital this morning. doctors say he is in good spirits. well, there are dualing online petitions now about plans for a new fast food restaurant in walnut creek. in n out wants to open at north main street and 2nd avenue near
9:39 am
a chick-fil-a restaurant. supporters have set up their own online account saying in n out offers another option for high quality affordable dining to walnut creek. the pleasant hill in n out faced a similar situation five years ago when it open. those are just some of your morning headlines from the news room. mike, allie, gasia, back to you. >> thanks, dave. our next guess is a theater director, producer and arts director born and raised in san francisco. >> the baltimore wallets is playing right now at san francisco's magic theater. >> this morning we're joined by jonathan mascony. we want to offer congratulations to you. this is about siblings and love and death. what a fragile yet healthy relationship you're putting on the stage. >> it is based on death but it is what the human reaction is which is massive denial, right,
9:40 am
of emotion as we deal with any immediate death. that really struck a cord with me. >> sure. >> it goes into this fantasy that is hilarious. i mean truly genuinely funny and references the third man fill noir movies. suddenly the fantasy bursts and falls apart and she has to con front it and there is a beautiful, beautiful ending between the brother and sister. >> was it hard to direct this. >> no. i asked to direct it. >> when you run a theater, you get to pick your own projects. when you're not, you ask people to hire you. which is a change for me. >> how much did you draw on your personal experience, your life experiences in working on this project? >> entirely. i mean, i always do in general. but specifically in this play, completely. i completely understood the psychology of anna, the woman who plays the surrogate of the
9:41 am
author all a-- paula vogel. i understood what it meant to go into all of the stages. the what i that you kind of go into a fantasy to reorder the information that you get. >> right. >> that is what made me a director. you get all of this weird information. it is so big. the death of your father. multiplied by -- >> especially when you're so young to lose your father as you were when your father was assassinated. now as an adult, do you -- i'm sure you look back on the young man you were when it happened and wish you could say things to him. >> yes. i made a play with my pal tony from perkily rep with that exact thing. there are a lot of things i could say to him. i wish there was a way to be a father to myself as a child. >> my father was taken by cancer. i didn't talk about him openly until my college years and 20s.
9:42 am
you didn't talk about your father for a while at least the incident for a couple decades as well. >> sure. >> what was it for you. >> i remember they were starting to call us to do anniversary talks for the commemoration of heavy milk and my dad's deaths. i came and spoke at the san francisco opera house in the late '90s. and i spoke about what i -- missing my father. i came of came out publicly as a gay man in that speech. it got picked up by the national press. which was not an intention but it was the first moment that i put it all together. you talk about it with your friends. when you publicly do it, you really are stating it to the world. >> were you overwhelmed? were you relieved. >> yes. >> yes. >> i was overwhelmed and relieved and then life became more normal. for me life is becoming more
9:43 am
normal. >> those are some of the very issues that you deal with in the play. >> the play -- the play is 90 minutes. it is a ride. you have no idea what is going to happen at the end. you think it is just a comedy. you don't know where it is going. you think it is a fantasy and then something crashes. i saw it the other night and i never see my work because it drives me crazy. and i cried at the end. i hadn't cried because i was making it. it is really beautiful. the actors are fantastic. three actors. one plays over 20 characters within 90 minutes. i love them. it was probably one of the greatest productions that i have engaged in. >> you have done theater all over the country. do you enjoy doing theater the most in the city that you grew up in. >> of course. i love the bay area audiences. not just san francisco. they're warm. i kind of liken it to mediterranean energy. when people love your work, they love it. when they don't, they're not that mean, which is really
9:44 am
nice. and they are very -- i understand the feeling. >> uh-huh. >> right. my stuff is very emotional and physical and very funny and warm and it feels like that's the kind of san francisco bay area feeling as opposed to different parts of the country that have different energies. >> it is different everywhere. >> i love the bay area. >> i want to tell you the baltimore waltz, more information on look for it on the web links section on the mornings on 2 tab. and you will find it on our own mobile app. the baltimore waltz. thank you. an honor to have you here. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> we'll be right back. ♪[music]
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>> welcome back. without buster posey in the lineup, the am's lost to the diamond backs 4-3. the bases loaded in the 3rd. >> catch the ball. right. >> baseball. the ball goes up. you catch it. >> he went for it. unable to catch it. the giants had a chance to catch up in the bottom of the inning but a.j. made an amazing catch. the giants rallied late but could never overtake the diamond backs. >> buster posey will be out for the next couple of weeks. he was hit by a 94 miles per hour fastball on monday during the home opener. the giants are concerned that he showed concussion like symptoms. the giants won't clear him until he is 100%. >> good news for a's fans. the tarps are coming off most of the upper deck seats. the team president getting personally involved.
9:48 am
that gives a's fans another 12,000 seats starting with this friday's game. ticket prices just $15 for games. it hasn't been available for baseball fans for 11 years. joining us in the studio is the a's president. playing good baseball. >> we are. >> how long have you been in this role now. >> about four and a half months. >> aggressive marketing campaign. tarps are coming off. lowered the beer prices which i like. what is going on here? >> well, it's a new era. we have a lot of new energy around the club. the community is responding. it has been a great opening part of the season. >> are you trying to tap into the community that has not been tapped in for a while. >> yeah. part of it comes from the office hours. a lot of the actual fans meet with me and tell me what they think about the club. i'm trying to channel that energy and respond to it. >> does the removal of the
9:49 am
tarps coming from the office hours. >> i probably had ten or twelve people say i loved sitting in the upper deck. hi great experiences there, whether it was the playoffs back in 2000 or 2001. i said let's give the third deck back to the fans and make the coliseum rock. >> four potential sites. we took a poll about a week ago. overwhelming our viewers wanted it at the coliseum site. i give you the opportunity to tip your hand and tell us if you're leaning towards one over the other three. >> they're all neck in neck. all of the sites have pros and cons. >> what is the con for the coliseum site. transportation is a pro. >> i think the challenge is building at ballpark village. i hear that from the fans and the community. we want an area with bars and restaurants and an urban feel
9:50 am
around the ballpark. it can be there but more of a challenge. >> with the raiders leaving, will it be easier to do that there. >> probably because we have it all to our self. i think that probably heightens the ability to create a ballpark village. we're evaluating all of the sites to find the best location for the community. >> you're new to the role. why not come down by our station. >> that is a possibility. you have the cranes and the view of san francisco and the bridge. so that's another really amazing part about the site down here. >> are you a believer if you build it, they will come. >> i think the reality is -- >> you haven't had a lot of winning seasons in the last three decades. if you have a losing season, do you feel that a new ballpark down here would bring the fans. >> i think the ballpark experience is so important. i think fans will respond to that. obviously you need a winning product. at the same time you need a ballpark that is a fun place to go. >> is it the game making the
9:51 am
empty seats for the 49ers? is that a cautionary tale. >> we look at what we have done with the soccer team. we have packed it for two and a half years. the team hasn't been super great but it has been competitive. you can have a mix of a great fan experience and on field product and that creates success. >> do you think it is hard to build avio or what you're going through right now. >> each has its challenges. this is a bigger project. in both cases we have the support of the community and the political leadership. i think together we can make it happen. >> what is your take in stadiums and ballparks in general? some being torn down are 30 yes old. candlestick was 40. >> i think that is too soon. >> why is this happening? >> i think the thing is they weren't planned right from the beginning. if you build the stadium the right way, you can have a wrigley field, pep way park, 100 years. >> a historic place where your grandma and grandpa took you. >> that's what we want to do in
9:52 am
oakland. >> when you look at the examples, wrigley field, there is a lot of bars and restaurants and an active neighborhood around that. the coliseum doesn't have that yet. >> not yet. wherever we go, we will try to create that experience. >> are more things sealed up at the coliseum site than starting from scratch. >> yeah. it is entitled for a ballpark. the other sites we would have to get entitlements. i think that could be accomplished. >> the mayor raised the a's flag over city hall. >> i did it with her. it was great. >> i know. >> can you tell us something before we go. >> that we will have a great weekend of baseball and hope to see you back there. >> four months in and you already have it. president of the oakland a's. rooted in oakland. we will be back. not for the selfie. we wore green. allie, get in here. >> i should have had yellow. "gs 6?h.ñqjni
9:53 am
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>> the world famous budweiser clydesdales are back in town. they are paying their annual visit to the anheuser-busch brewery. they will be in fairfield until saturday. they eat 50 pounds of special hay imported from idaho every day. >> they really eat like a horse. the warriors have locked up
9:56 am
home court advantage. there isn't much at stake. they will host portland in the first round of the playoffs. hockey's second season starts today. the sharks are among the teams in action early. tonight san jose starts defending the western conference title it won last year. the sharks surprised ai lot of people how far they went last season. this year, they kind of limped into the second season after suffering serious injuries to two of their best players. they have not played for several games but have practiced with the team. the sharks' head coach says it is day-to-day when they will actually get game time action. >> i think it was nice to have them out there at two practices in a row. every time he is on the ice, he feels better. >> we are not worried. hopefully we get them back soon. if not, we can work with what
9:57 am
we have. >> sharks open this one up on the road in edmonton. san jose beat the oilers in the first two matchups but lost the last three to the oilers. >> exciting. we're not done with this gray rainy weather. you have been in for sal castaneda for about a week now. >> today was the trickiest day. >> tomorrow will be tricky too. >> you have been doing great. >> thank you. >> we will see you tomorrow. i will be seeing you at noon. >> work a little longer. >> oh, please. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx
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